Summary of the Exchange

MEMC is proposing to convey approximately 625 acres of Non-Federal land comprised of one parcel in Gunnison County and three parcels in Saguache County, Colorado, to the United States. These parcels have been identified by the staff of the GMUG National Forests and Rio Grande National Forest as being of high value to the USFS. In exchange, MEMC is proposing to acquire approximately 551 acres of Federal land in Gunnison County, Colorado, adjacent to MEMC-owned patented land.


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Objective 1: Permanently eliminate commercial extractive mining activities from Red Lady / Keystone Mine.

 Component: Mineral Extinguishment Agreement with Crested Butte Land Trust.

Objective 2: Establish permanent non-motorized recreational access to the upper portions of Red Lady for the Crested Butte community.

 Component: Surface conservation easement agreement with Crested Butte Land Trust.

Objective 3: Prohibit future commercial or residential development in perpetuity on MEMC-owned lands.

 Component: Surface conservation easement agreement with Crested Butte Land Trust.

Objective 4: Permanent withdrawal of future mining claims on USFS lands surrounding Red Lady.

 Component: CORE Act legislation passage by U.S. government.

Objective 5: Consolidate management of ongoing and future water treatment and remediation/reclamation operations at the site.

 Component: Land exchange between MEMC and Gunnison National Forest.

Objective 6: Consolidate management of winter recreational access on Kebler Pass Rd.

 Component: Gunnison County receives right of way for Kebler Pass Rd from MEMC at completion of Land Exchange.

















MEMC is currently working toward completion of the feasibility analysis with a target submittal date of late Spring, 2022.

The Forest Service will manage the land exchange until completion. MEMC intends to encourage public comment in advance of and during the exchange process.

The land exchange is expected to be completed in 2023.